Our Story

Our story started with Stan Ross, my father, having an idea for more. Born in Brooklyn, and after trying stores all over downtown Brooklyn, he decided to scout New York City. For you guys that knew NYC in the 80s, crime and drugs were huge epidemics. He found this little store, maybe 300 square feet with no electricity. The landlord was a slumlord and basically said it is what it is. Opened up his NYC location in 1987 with $500 in his pocket and the ambition to do more for his family. It all began just as a mom & pop shop just making black and white copies and sending faxes for the local shops, writers and artists. Took out leases for as many Xerox black and white machines he could fit in his tiny store front and kept expanding. I started as a little boy, 7 years old coming in and causing trouble for my father. When I was old enough (around 11 years old) I started giving out flyers to learn the importance of work. Once I took over at age 21, I knew we had to move forward with the new times and needs of our customers. My father taught me staying in one place isn’t good enough, so I took those family values and looked ahead to do more with Print Mor. Over the past 26 years, I have slowly expanded our NYC printing company and partnered with many channels to be able to offer our clients the printing and design services we have now. We are the definition of a full service print shop. It’s safe to say we aren’t just making black and white copies anymore!

Our Printing Capabilities

We always do our best to keep the most advanced equipment to offer our clients the best quality printed products. For our offset presses we have Kimori Offset that are at the top of the press game. For those of you with detail for quality these presses are for you. The print quality includes 500LS high resolution printing. For those of you that environmentally friendly printing is super important we have some great news.  Print Mor has taken the initiative and grown into an environmentally friendly corporation by taking significant steps in our production of print products. We starting using soy-oil based inks (Also known as vegetable-oil) instead of traditional petroleum-based ink.  Soy ink is a safe and environmentally friendly ink because of its simple compound compared to petroleum–based ink. Soy ink has many great advantages; one is its distinguishable clearness which allows for brighter colored ink, which petroleum-based ink do not allow because of its darker content. Thus soy inks are popular for their vibrant colors.

When it comes to Digital presses we have the HP Indigo Digital Presses that are held in a climate controlled facility. Once again at the top of the Digital printing game as well as some smaller Xerox Digital Color Presses. We know for a company where our main base is NYC expedited printing is a necessity.

Lastly, our NYC printing company has finishing equipment to make sure that your final print product stands out in the end. From bookbinding to scoring to die cutting & hole punching we have you covered! If there is something you need not seen on our website please contact us with all details and I’m 100% certain we can assist you further.

Our Printing Relationship

Since 1987, PrintmorNYC has built up a diverse range of clients and customers, from students and start-ups to small businesses, enterprise level firms and large corporations. For good reasons, our client list is constantly growing, because we tackle each project with unmatched enthusiasm, and something that many supply businesses lack, a Personable Approach. When you contact us about our printing and design services, we make sure we work with you throughout the process – simplifying it – getting you what you want and being there to the very end. Unlike other companies, when we receive your emails you hear from a real person, no robo-responses here! We are very serious about having repeat business. We may operate in a large city where clientele often seems to be an expendable concept – but in being a small family business – we value everything and everyone we come do business with. Value matters, because value makes the ultimate difference. We are proud of our customer relationships, but ultimately measure ourselves by the quality and consistency of our work, and we hope you do too.


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  • Supreme New
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Whole food
  • Virgin
  • NBC New
  • CNN
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